Rabu, 10 Desember 2008

USGP Portland Baby

This past weekend Hottie and I traveled sans pups down to P-town. Through the kindness of our friends Allen and Michelle we had some pup sitters who moonlight as elves. The gang on 20/20Fuel was super and we had some fun apres' ride fun and feasting. I managed to place in the top 50; and considering my poor season I'll call that good. I had the wrong tires for the conditions but if I had turned the pedals faster that would have helped even more....

My association with the new team leaves John as the last remaining member of the once-dominate TERD Bar Racing Team. John is among the finest men I know and while we all have certain affiliation needs, I am sure John takes pride in his autonomy as well. Portland was muddy and wet and wonderful.

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