Senin, 13 April 2009

Gray Miles

Caught ! by the Ballard bridge last Saturday. An uneventful ride down paused while a boat passed under the bridge and we waited. I made it down through Ballard, on to Discovery Park and past the waterfront and across the West Seattle Bridge. A steep, no REAALY steep climb up to 21st street and then along the ridge while the skies opened up on me. I smiled, wiped my glasses and made it to the Fauntleroy ferry terminal. I plunked down a Lincoln and boarded and grabbed a cup of Joe...
On Vashon I took the steep 103rd climb and found that gravity is not just a theory. Having lost my map somewhere in Seattle, I was pleased to remember the way.  The sleepy morning was nice and the peaceful farms and quiet forest seemed to welcome this old rider.  Watching the clock kept me screaming for the ferry and I made it with a minute or two to spare...
This is the view from the porthole on the side of the micro ferry.  
That is Point Defiance in the background and Evo in the foreground.

I didn't take my camera, these are shots from my phone.  Have a great day.

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