Selasa, 22 September 2009

I stole one !

I had about three hours of work related phone calls this past weekend. It made a big dent in my racing schedule (more on that in another post). So when the forecast said 85 degrees for the first day of fall, I didn't feel too much shame taking a long lunch and riding down to the waters edge. A few moments on google maps and a wander down the aisles of my memory library and I thought I could make it here and back without raising eyebrows.

I put my blackberry in my back pocket and made my way here. Sleeveless jersey was the attire for the day and plenty of drink was smart as well. I had been on the beachfront street before on some Cascade Bicycle Club ride once or twice before. On those rides Hottie and I were bundled in cold weather gear. This sunny day was a complete bonus and on this first day of fall I do feel like I stole a day of summer from somewhere.

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