Kamis, 28 April 2011

Does thread count matter ?

What are you looking at ?
Some dogs pee in the house. Some dogs chew leather shoes. Some dogs scratch the walls and others grab food off the counters. Tux the wonder dog, does none of these things. He does, however, like our bed when we are not in it. We don't mind this at all. In fact, we bought a bed spread to put on our bed so Tux wouldn't get our bed dirty. What we don't care for is the fact that Tux likes nice sheets, and wants to put his furry bum right on them. We make our bed (kind of) and pull on the Tux cover, and when we return Tux has peeled back the covers and is laying on our sheets. We've found his front paws on my pillow and his rear paws on Hottie's. We've found his butt on our pillows as well.

We could get upset, but because it could be so much worse (and the fact that he is the wonderdog), we just smile. We smile and we wash the sheets a lot. Does thread count matter? Yes it sure does. According to Tux, and I would agree with him, anything over 300 is just fine.

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