Selasa, 24 Mei 2011

Fear of being Boned?

I sleep like a pile of laundry. I occasionally have the usual dreams. No weird dancing dwarves or singing skunks.

Until today.

I’m in a roadside market, one of those places where you can buy milk, apples, a plaid shirt and a fishing license. It is fairly large and there are a couple shopping carts here and there. I am in the fruit section and I look to my right and there is Jay Buhner. Jay is a retired Seattle Mariner who played right field, hit a lot of home runs and was nicknamed, “Bone.” I don’t have any strong feelings toward him one way or the other. But he was in the market.

Just as I am thinking to myself, “hey, there’s Jay Buhner,” he picks up a bunch of bananas, a bunch about the size of an overflowing laundry basket, and plucks off a banana and throws it at me. He doesn’t look mad or anything, in fact he is kind of smiling. I start to run toward the back of the store and Jay chases me, chucking bananas as we run. The middle of the store is kind of Costco-like with tall shelves and merchandise on pallets. I keep running and Buhner keeps the bananas flying. I don’t recall if any hit me or not, but I kept running because (for some reason) I know there is a loading dock in the back and I can make my way out.

At the back of the building is the loading dock, and there is one with no truck so I run through it and jump to the ground. It is a sunny day and there is a blue sky with white clouds. I’m experiencing the usual frustration of not being able to run very fast in my dreams, but I hang a right and think to myself, Buhner is an old retired ballplayer, I can out run him. I’m actually five years older than him, but this is my dream so I’m sure not as old as I really am.

Just as I realize I’m free and clear my alarm goes off and I realize not only was I dreaming, but I must be losing my mind as well.

My calls to Sigmund Freud have not been returned, so if anyone cares to speculate on what this means, I’d love to hear it. Really…

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