Senin, 13 Juni 2011

Congratulations, here is your cup

Thank me, I went out of my way to find a photo that didn't have a negative impact on appetite.

Last night, Hottie and I turned on the TV in time to watch the Dallas Mavericks win the NBA championship. Unlike cycling, they didn't usher them into a tent and ask them to pee in cups to test for drugs. As a cyclist, getting handed "the cup" usually doesn't mean a gold plated loving cup, it means pee here sir, and don't flush, or wash your hands until instructed to do so...

I was recently, "handed the cup." Did I win a race ? Well, sort of, I'm starting a new job and I guess I "beat" the other applicants. Just as if I had won my race at Nationals (I was in the top 100), I was asked to give a sample.

To celebrate, Hottie and I are enjoying some recreation, and we flogged ourselves on mountain bikes today.

A welcome break, in more ways than one...

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