Selasa, 31 Januari 2012

Physical Therapy IS Torture

So when people talk about Physical Therapy most of us have images of massage and gentle stretching. That sounds kind of fun. I think the following image may be more appropriate to the actual experience:
Not only is PT hard work, but it hurts. I heard the only difference between visiting a torturer and a Physical Therapist, is that the Therapist has magazines in the lobby. Bart, a Jedi Knight among Therapists, pushes my knee is a direction it isn't supposed to go. It hurts. I try to relax, but seeing the direction he is going it makes as much sense as staring at the sun. I close my eyes and hope no tears escape.
"This is insane," I think to myself.
"Now walk around for me," Bart says like a proud papa. I get off the table and walk without a limp. I smile and shake my head. Bart knows exactly what he is doing.
I then get series after series of exercises that have my muscles quivering. I work and sweat until I receive my reward of an ice pack on my knee. Done. The road to recovery is bumpy indeed. I gotta hook up with Crash John for a ride...

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