Jumat, 23 Maret 2012

Montreal is so freakin' French

Montreal is so polite, they give every sign English subtitles....

I flew into Montreal for the second time in as many months. On my last visit it was 25 degrees. It was 25 degrees this time as well, but this time the 25 had a "C" after it instead of an "F." Hard to believe Montreal in March would be 74 degrees, but it was.
I was excited to be in the land known as Americas Attic, but then I heard the announcement that smoking wasn't allowed in the airport terminal, but was REQUIRED 25 feet from the exits. As you would guess, I didn't have any cigarettes. How was I to know smoking would be REQUIRED. I just thought that was so French. With my newly purchased pack of unfiltered Camels I went looking for a smoking area.
I was bummed to see this sign, but as I passed it I checked the other side and found that indeed...
I had arrived.
Apparently the demarkation between smoking areas and no smoking areas is about a sixteenth of an inch. For those of you without calipers, let's just say the thickness of the sign...
I did make it to my hotel room where smoking was forbidden. See the pillows? They were like foam bricks. Although no ducks were harmed in the making of those pillows, Evo sleeps better with his head on the preverbal breast of a duck or goose.

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