Sabtu, 19 Juli 2008

Iron Horse Trail John Wayne Trail ride report

Hottie and I decided to try the Iron Horse Trail last weekend. For grins, and with the help of Google Earth, we decided to approach the tunnel from the Eest. We exited I-90 at exit 62 and followed the road and when it turned to gravel went another couple hundred meters and found the trail and a parking area.

We have usually done this ride in the spring or the fall and from the west you get lots of shade and so it is usually a “cooler” ride. This time the sun was warm and the sky blue with some perfectly white clouds. Hottie smiling for the camera....

Nice gravel “trail” some camping spots (maybe..). and only a few riders. I used my good lights in the tunnel and that was fun… Here is the view from the west side..

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