Sabtu, 26 Juli 2008

Product Review CARMEX Lip Balm

In my inflated view of myself, I consider myself a lip balm connoisseur. I believe a small company called Raining Rose makes the best stuff. I also have an opposite view from that of Hottie who thinks Chapstick is the one.

CARMEX scores big in four areas.
1) It isn’t season sensitive. This isn’t a lip balm that is great for snowboarding, but turns liquid in summertime. It also doesn’t become a solid brick in cold weather.
2) It goes on smooth all the time
3) It has a new feature that the dial clicks when you turn it so you don’t go to use it and find you have a half inch of grease sticking out of the tube. When you pop the cap, the level of the balm is exactly where you wanted it to be.
4) SPF of 30 is even better than the universal 15

In my highly competitive world of lip balms, CARMEX gets a podium position !!

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