Senin, 17 November 2008

Living Green or seeing RED ?

I like to paint bikes. I read what I can on the web for tips and one struck me last summer. Step number one was, “don’t do it.” The point was painting (actually striping) your bike creates trash, releases toxic gases, makes a mess and in the end, you just end up with a different color bike. Like most of us, I decided to ignore this advice and went ahead and did what I wanted.

Recently an Albertsons grocery store closed down after being part of the community for dozens of year. The closing did not create any emotions for me. Then PCC bought the location and signs went up telling that a new market was coming. I was excited as PCC sells what I considered to be pretty cool stuff. For months monster sized trucks came and went. Some of the trucks were bringing lumber, concrete and glass. I love the smell of fresh cut lumber, it reminds me of all of the projects I have done with my sons over the years. Well different trucks arrived before the ones that brought lumber, glass and concrete. These were dump trucks that hauled away truckload after truckload of chunks of old concrete, mangled wood, aluminum and glass. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the demolition of the Kingdome. The phrase that stuck with me was when one of the commentators for the televised coverage of the Kingdome implosion said something to the effect of, “here we go, demolishing a perfectly functional building.”

For the grand opening, PCC offered discounts on cotton bags and asked its patrons to minimize their footprint by using these bags. They preach recycling and conservation and going green and all of the current fad de jour of environmental responsibility. But as I loaded my own groceries in my conscience easing cotton bag I was aware I was saving half a square inch of landfill by not taking a plastic bag, but I think of the “footprint” at the dump the size of an Olympic swimming pool that was created when PCC took over this location.

What strikes me as hypocritical is that the inside of the market has that industrial look that one would expect if you put your market where a factory or, say, another supermarket, was before you took over the location. But these guys tore it down and then built it up just to look this way. It is like when a developer levels a piece of land and cuts down every tree and bush and then plants new ones and boasts that the neighborhood has indigenous plants and trees.

So after PCC has had hundreds of cubic yards of debris hauled away into landfills they put on cool music, sell me overpriced food and ask me to do my part for environmental responsibility. I think my part may be to avoid patronizing hypocritical businesses.

I’m not sure what PCC stands for but I’m running with Politically Correct Crock….

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