Senin, 15 Februari 2010

Although nothing says love like Park Tool blue…..

I’ve got the Blues, The Park Tool Blues. Yippee !

It might amaze my readers (JP, Mom) to know that I try to draw a line between my personal life and this blog. I feel quite free to share my opinions and observations, but I seldom delve into my feelings and emotions, especially on personal matters. But I just can’t keep this to myself…

My sweet wife, Hottie, gave me a Park Tool truing stand for father’s day a few years ago and I was speechless. NOTE: This wasn’t some weenie stand, this was the same one the bike shops have. Since then, for almost every holiday there has been some small or large Park Tool blue tool adorned with a bow waiting for me. It doesn’t have to be big, but nothing says love like a blue Park Tool. Or so I thought…..

This Valentine’s Day I received a Park Tool magnetized Parts bowl filled with York Peppermint Patties. Had my day ended there I would have been happy. I soon received yet another gift, a pair of compression tights that I had been Jonesing for. I was delighted. I will be reporting on those in a future blog. This was a super Valentine’s Day and one to remember.

I had finished a long ride when this all took place so I did not feel out of place donning the tights. Hottie uncovered yet another gift. To my amazement, and complete surprise I looked in awestruck wonder at a set of Kreitler Rollers. Kreitler makes the finest rollers in the world. And these were the finest Rollers Kreitler makes. Included was the Killer Headwind attachment as well as a fork stand to maximize the roller’s usefulness. I was dumbfounded. I had only recently reluctantly concluded that I would never have a set of rollers, let alone a set of Kreitler rollers, let alone the 4.5 inch alloy ones. I realize my mum knows nothing about rollers, but Jonathan knows these rollers are the absolute schizzle.

I will need to scour the world to find good reasons not to be fast. I now have a reasonable alternative to riding in the rain as well. This was a pretty amazing day.

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