Rabu, 24 Februari 2010

Is it okay to dream of summer?

Can't you just FEEL the sunshine on your back !!

A couple years ago I set my sights on a spring bike ride in California. The Solvang Double Century was my goal. As I logged training miles in the rain I entertained fantasies of riding past vineyards while the sunshine warmed my shoulders. While layering up for winter rides in Washington, I dreamed of riding with arms and legs exposed, glistening with the light sheen of sweat as I breathed in the fragrances of spring. As I refined my fender flaps, I knew these miles would allow me to enjoy the ride in California. During the long nights of winter I dreamed of sunny rides.

The later days of March were cold that year and we had a dusting of snow a few days before departing for California. Wisdom told me to pack arm and leg warmers, and while I didn’t wear them the entire ride, I was glad I brought them. The ride had periods of sunshine, but was generally cloudy. It was warmer than any ride in Washington in March and I counted it as a victory.

This year my target is the Davis Double Century. The ride is hillier than the Solvang double, but I don’t expect that to be a problem. This ride is in May and the Solvang ride was at the end of March. A friend who has done the Davis ride a few times was driving down and has managed to fill up his van with like minded OCD riders including myself. There are horror stories of riders climbing Resurrection hill 135 miles into the ride under blistering sun with temperatures over one hundred degrees. I don’t want to channel the spirit of Sam McGee, but frankly my dear, that sounds wonderful.

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