Jumat, 21 Maret 2008

Firecats are go !! Lake Sammamish training ride

My first pic here shows the threatening skies that I actually welcome because it isn’t raining. The second pic is my shadow, which is rare here in the land of nearly perpetual cloud cover. And finally as the sun peaked out and blue sky was visible, I rejoiced and took the photo.

It remains butt cold here in Seattle atmo, and I am ready for a break. So forgive me if I didn’t hit the road at first light when the mercury registered a brisk 36 degrees. After some outstanding java and a bowl of mush I dressed and departed. Climbing the hill up to civilization my quads reminded me of hard rides earlier this week. Nothing like feeling sore four minutes into a four hour ride…..

Down to the trail and the miles just start ticking by. A few minutes of the lightest sprinkles you can imagine and then back to grey and dry. Food and drink worked just fine as did the chamois cream (Bontrager’s recipe RULES).

A word or two about lip balm. I have tried them all and atmo Raining Rose is the best. They make all kinds of flavors and they are nice folks to boot. My son and I were stranded in Mammoth Lakes, California while his feet recovered from some blisters on our John Muir Trail hike. We got a free lip balm with our purchase at a store and later I tracked down the manufacturer on the web. I use the spearmint and it is the best stuff and it reminds me of that backpacking trip all these years later. It sticks on your lips without being bad (greasy or clumpy, or coming off too quick). Two more tid bits…. I keep mine in a sunglass chammy bag (Oakley if you are keeping score). It helps me find both of those items when I need them and I don’t lose either of them. Perfection.

I finished my ride with 62.15 miles which I am calling my metric century. This is my last long ride in prep for Solvang a week from tomorrow.

I don’t care if I suffer like a dog as long as I am not cold and damp. In fact, I may slow down just to spend more time riding in the warm sunshine. Well, probably not, but it is an idea.

821 miles so far in 2008.

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