Senin, 17 Maret 2008

St Patrick’s Day ride 3-17-08

St Patrick’s Day ride 3-17-08

Although I think eight seconds has everything to do with Greg LeMond and little to do with male cows, we took in the PBR last night in Tacoma and that is my photo of the day (taken by Hottie).

I actually think Cyclocross is the toughest sport on dirt.

My battle for motivation, as I dream of sunshine and ride under dark skies, continues. The highly inaccurate Seattle weather forecast said rain, but dry pavement and minimal dark clouds told me it was time to squeeze in a quick hilly twenty. I took off with two LS jerseys and liner gloves under my Castelli gloves. Shifting smoothly, the Ti Flyer was working like a stealth lion I descended to Edmonds and climbed up to Perrinville before dropping to the waterfront by Meadowdale Park.

Turning at the gate I wisely elected not to climb the road of death (I can’t believe they pave something that steep and let people drive on it), and instead retraced my route back to the post office and then down to the Ferry.

I held my speed over eleven mph all the way up the climb and had some burn going by the time I hit 20th.

After returning to Bridgehouse, it began to rain and I felt my timing was impeccable.

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