Rabu, 26 Maret 2008

Solvang Double Training Complete !

Went for a run in the early morning twilight in sub forty degree temperature this AM. The home front is secure and after provisions and supplies are loaded in the Pilot, we’ll call it a day. Eighty-six days into 2008 and over nine-hundred miles so far.

Let’s hope all the training in the rain while DREAMING of sunshine pays off. I really want to enjoy this ride and not make it a sufferfest. The thought of a ride without a cold weather induced runny nose sounds great.

The weather forecasts have been lowering the temperature a degree a day for the last four days. It has gone from 70 to 65 for Saturday and I am hoping to see the temp rise again, but we will see.

I recall before RAMROD in 2004 when I was sitting in a plane on the tarmac at a Midwest airport that had shut down because of a lightening storm. With fourteen hours until the start I was stranded a thousand miles away. Although I didn’t land at SEATAC until almost midnight I was in shape and had a wonderful RAMROD. Likewise I believe I am in shape without any injuries and that is better than any weather forecast. No sore back, no pulled muscles or saddle sores; I am counting my blessings.

Number one rule of travel: be flexible.

Off we go.

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